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Located along the south shore of Milwaukee, Eberhardy &
Eberhardy, LLP is a general practice law firm, handling cases in the areas of bankruptcy, estate planning, guardianship and probate. The attorneys work within Southeast Wisconsin.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning involves putting into place the documents necessary to ensure that your wishes are followed not only post-death, but pre-death. Post-death, the primary estate planning tools include …Learn More Probate is most commonly understood to mean a court-involved administration of a deceased person’s estate. But for our purposes, it also includes other post-death matters, such as Transfers by … Learn More
 Fiduciary Services
(Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Probate Matters)
Guardianship is an involuntary court-involved proceeding during which a court may appoint an individual or agency to act as a guardian on behalf of an incompetent individual. Whether an individual is … Learn More One of the most common initial questions I get from potential clients who are inquiring about bankruptcy is what different types of bankruptcy are available to individuals. The answer to that question … Learn More

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